The red edge edition

Song of the day: R.E.S.P.E.C.T because I dont get the respect I deserve.

Ahhh day 2, 

It started off well greeted by my favourite weather (The Rain), 

For some reason the rain gives me motivation, it cheers me up, what the sun does for some, the rain does for me… then what happens THE SUN COMES OUT

It could be worse I guess, so im going too stop complaining.

I got my books today my red edge twilight books, my twilight box set, wreck this journal and Twilight graphic novel!

Sad for a 25 year old I know but I love Twilight , I feel I was born too be a vampire I just havent met my Edward yet.

The situation with my relationship isnt getting any better, I love him so much, but things just wont get anybetter but I dont want too leave Northern Ireland that is one thing im certain of I love it here its beautiful I just couldnt face leaving here I have spent 4 years here which isnt the longest but my heart is here.

Its so naturally beautiful and I feel so selfish that in 4 years iv not explored half of it,

Tomorrow Im going too the country park its my task for tomorrow!

Other than that today has been un eventful like this blog, and everything else, my mood is ok, not up not down but day 2 and im still sticking too my blog challenge

Day 2 of 365 363 days too go.

There is always someone worse off


Author: YoursImmortally

mental health warrior, architecht of my own destruction, earthling

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