Guys i want to apologise i have been slacking lately,

Things are going from bad to worse, one of my biggest fears maybe coming true and I just dont know what to do.

I thought this time whilst the kids were away i could get my ex partner out of the house now circumstances have arisen in regards to my children and that is no longer possible.

Im also tired of people talking to me then cutting me out, and I have realised a guy who i thought was a friend I actually love, and have done for a long time now i have lost him to his new GF he doesnt even awknowledge me.

My life is melting in front of me, everything i feared would go wrong has gone wrong.

And im lost. Being honest with services that i am supposed to trust is no longer an option they have betrayed me in the worst way.


Author: YoursImmortally

mental health warrior, architecht of my own destruction, earthling

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